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Strategic projects and development plans

Development plan — 100 Nature's Run, Kilmore

Council has received an application for a development plan approval pursuant to the development plan Overlay provisions at Clause 43.04 (Schedule 10) of the Mitchell Planning Scheme.

The subject site for the development plan application is 100 Nature Run, Kilmore.

The development plan proposes 100 residential lots with native vegetation reserves, a road and lot layout that minimises native vegetation removal and continues Natures Run through to Clancy Road.

Council is currently assessing the proposed development plan. The final content and form of the development plan is subject to change based on Council's assessment. The final development plan will be formally considered at a future Council Meeting.

Any development plan approved for the site does not provide planning permit approval or consent for works to commence on site. In addition, approval of a development plan does not provide any form of guarantee or assurance that future planning permit applications will be granted or the nature of conditions that would be imposed.

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Comments regarding this development plan should be lodged by the advertised end date of Monday 6 December 2021.

You can make a comment using any of the following methods:

Please note, there is no requirement to formally exhibit these documents and consider submissions. However, Council will consider any submissions or comments received as part of its formal consideration of the development plans at a Council meeting.

This page was last updated on 10 November 2021.