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Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendment C154 — Kilmore East Street Rezone

Amendment C154 proposed to rezone 2.2 hectares of land owned by the Kilmore Racing Club at 15-35 East Street, Kilmore and the southern adjoining parcel (Reserve 1 on LP114048) from Public Use Zone (schedule 6) to General Residential Zone (Schedule 1) and apply the Development Plan Overlay (Schedule 10).

The land affected by Amendment C154 is shown below.

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 27 June 2022 considered the Independent Planning Panel's Report on Amendment C154. Council resolved to abandon Amendment C154 in accordance with the Panel's findings. The Minister for Planning has been advised of Council's decision.

Council resolved to abandon Amendment C154 for the following reasons:

  • The Amendment is inconsistent with the objectives of the Municipal Strategic Statement and Kilmore Structure Plan 2016.
  • The Amendment is not strategically justified and should not proceed until further strategic work is undertaken around the Equine Precinct in Kilmore.
  • No amendments should occur to the Kilmore Structure Plan for the subject site without a more considered review of the Kilmore Structure Plan's directions for the equine precinct.

Council also resolved to undertake further strategic work for Kilmore's equine precinct as part of a future review of the Kilmore Structure Plan.

Site Image
Figure 1: Kilmore East Street Rezone Area

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