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Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendment C139 — Kilmore, Wandong and Bylands zone corrections

Mitchell Shire Council has prepared Planning Scheme Amendment C139 to the Mitchell Planning Scheme. Amendment C139 proposes to correct zoning anomalies in Kilmore, Wandong and Bylands.

The amendment affects land at:

  • the intersection of Rutledge Street and Sutherland Street, Kilmore
  • 50 and 50-52 Anderson Road Kilmore
  • the former railway reserve at Wandong and Bylands.

Further information regarding the amendment is provided in the information sheet linked below.

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 17 August 2020 adopted Amendment C139 as exhibited. The amendment has been forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval.

View the Council Report adopting the amendment.

Supporting documents

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All amendment documents are available on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website or can be viewed in hard copy at one of our Customer Service Centres.

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This page was last updated on 19 August 2020.