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Development contributions

Infrastructure Contributions Plan

An Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) is a mechanism used to levy new development in Metropolitan green-field growth areas. It helps to fund the provision of works, services or facilities and secures land for public purposes. They help fund basic and essential infrastructure for new and growing communities, such as:

  • roads and intersections
  • community centres
  • kindergartens
  • maternal and child health facilities
  • local parks
  • sporting facilities

Infrastructure contributions may consist of either a monetary component, a land component or both.

Monetary component

A monetary levy is used to fund the basic and essential infrastructure identified in an approved ICP. The monetary component may consist of a:

  • standard levy
  • supplementary levy
  • standard and supplementary levy

Levies are indexed annually in accordance with the methods laid out in the ICP.

Land component

Public purpose land is land to be used or developed for an allowable public purpose such as:

  • public open space
  • community and recreation facilities
  • transport infrastructure
  • other essential infrastructure

It consists of inner public purpose land and outer public purpose land.

Inner public purpose land

Inner public purpose land is land within the ICP plan area that is to be set aside for public purposes. The land must be provided directly as part of an infrastructure contribution known as land equalisation.

Outer public purpose land

Outer public purpose land is land outside of the ICP plan area that will be acquired for public purposes. The cost of acquiring this land is funded from land equalisation amounts. Outer public purpose land may be required for a range of public infrastructure that is essential and necessary to the development of a new community, such as bridge or road works.

More information can be found at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Infrastructure Contributions Plan rates

The summary of Infrastructure Contribution Plan Rates per net developable hectare as of 1 July 2022:

ICPClass of developmentStandard transportStandard community and recreationSupplementary levy
Beveridge CentralResidential$129,862$94,308$98,389

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This page was last updated on 19 July 2022.