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VicSmart planning applications

VicSmart is a simple and fast assessment process for straightforward planning permit applications. The application process takes 10 business days, applications are not advertised, and all information required is submitted with the original application.

Applications that are eligible for VicSmart

Applications must meet all the VicSmart requirements of the relevant zone, overlay and/or particular provision. VicSmart requirements can be found in clauses 59 thru 59.16 of the Mitchell Planning Scheme. This document is available to download from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning: VicSmart website.

The following application types can be assessed as a VicSmart application:

  • Subdivide land to realign the common boundary between 2 lots
  • Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space
  • Subdivide land with an approved development into 2 lots
  • Construct or extend a front fence within 3 metres of a street
  • Construct a building or construct or carry out works
  • Construct a fence in an overlay
  • Remove, destroy or lop 1 tree
  • Minor subdivision, minor building and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay
  • Display a sign
  • Reduce the required number of car parking spaces
  • Reduce or waive the loading and unloading requirements

Apply for a Permit

To apply for a planning permit using VicSmart:

VicSmart Checklist – by Type of Work

Note: Checklist 08 — Minor subdivision or building and works within a Special Building Overlay is not applicable, as this Overlay is not contained within the Mitchell Planning Scheme.

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This page was last updated on 15 February 2021.