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Planning services

Planning information requests

Our Statutory Planning Team can provide you with planning information or advice in writing, or copies of planning documents including:

Written advice

Written planning advice offers information about specific planning controls that may impact your land. The information we provide considers the relevant planning zone(s) and overlay(s), provides you with tailored advice and states whether a planning permit is required for a proposed development and/or use.

Written determination

Written determination is a written decision by Council to vary a requirement that has been enforced on a Section 173 Agreement.

Types of applications where written determination is relevant include building outside of the building envelope, varying a setback requirement, or any other matter that needs Council permission to vary a requirement.

Copies of documents

Council can provide copies of planning permits and endorsed plans.

A planning permit can be provided on request, however to obtain copies of endorsed plans you must be the current property owner or the original applicant (or have written consent from the current property owner or the original applicant).

Certificate of compliance

A certificate of compliance stating that an existing or proposed use or development complies with the requirements of the planning scheme at the date of certificate.

Request a copy of planning information or advice

Step 1

Prepare all supporting documentation relevant to the type of request.

Supporting documentation

For request for written advice or written determination you must submit with your application:

  • recent copies of title documents including any agreements, covenants or easements
  • any plans and elevations drawings
  • an overview of the proposal.

For request for planning permits you must submit with your application:

  • any recent copies of title or any information that confirms your identity
  • written consent form the current property owner or original applicant (if applicable)

Step 2

Download and complete the request for planning information or advice application form.

Step 3

Return the form to any of our Customer and Library Service Centres or the Wallan Planning and Building Services Office and pay the relevant fee in person; or email your documents to and an officer will call you to take payment over the phone.

See fees and charges for planning services.

Step 4

Council will search for the relevant documents and provide you with a copy if they are available. Please allow up to 14 business days for your request to be processed.

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This page was last updated on 9 August 2021.