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Planning services

Object to a planning application

Have your say

If you’re concerned that you may be affected by a planning application, or want to show your support, you can have your say about what is proposed by lodging a submission.

Submissions can be made at any stage of the application process up until a decision is made by Council.

Please remember that some applications are exempt from notice and decision requirements.

Council will not make a decision on the application until after the date specified in the notice.

View current applications on notice.

After a submission is made

Depending on the number of submissions made, an application will be decided on by a planning officer or at a Council Meeting.

If the application is taken to a Council Meeting, you will have the opportunity to present to Council at a Question and Hearings Committee.

If you are not happy with the decision made by Council about the planning application, you may have the right to appeal a decision through VCAT.

Lodge a submission for a current planning application

If you wish to make a submission about a current application, complete the online form below.

Submissions can include matters of objection and matters of support.

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This page was last updated on 9 March 2022.