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Advertising process for permit applications

Planning applications (unless exempt) may be advertised to inform adjoining or nearby property owners/occupiers about the proposal, and invite them to inspect the plans. Advertising occurs before a permit can be issued.

When is a planning application advertised?

Advertising occurs for all planning permits unless the planning scheme states an application is exempt, or Council believe it isn't required.

When an application reaches the advertising stage, a member of our Statutory Planning Team will let the applicant know which notice method is required and explain what the applicant needs to do. You can find out more information about notice of planning applications in the Advertising Planning Applications Guide below.

Ways that notice of an application might be given

Notice of an application is at the discretion of Council and may be given in the following ways:

  • letters mailed to the owners and occupiers of adjoining / nearby properties
  • sign(s) erected on the land subject to the application
  • notice(s) in local newspapers
  • notice to adjoining municipalities and/or government authorities, organisations or utilities
  • advertising on Council's website or social media.

Through this process, adjoining or nearby property owners/occupiers are informed about a proposal and invited to inspect the plans. If you do not receive formal notice about a proposal you can still make a submission.

Permits will be advertised for no less than 14 days; however submissions can be made to Council outside of those days and at any stage of the application process up until a decision is made.

Current advertised planning applications

To view applications currently on notice, visit current advertised planning applications.

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This page was last updated on 29 April 2021.