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Do I need a planning permit?

If you want to make changes to the way that your land is used, or if you want to develop the land, construct any buildings, or subdivide, you may need a planning permit.

Examples of where you might need a planning permit include:

  • extending or building your house
  • developing commercial or industrial buildings
  • changing the way an existing building is used
  • subdividing land
  • removing vegetation
  • performing earthworks or excavation
  • running a business from home
  • installing advertising signage
  • getting a liquor license.

There are some factors that might affect whether you need a planning permit. These include:

  • where the property is located (see information on zones and overlays below)
  • the size of the property
  • how the property will be used
  • the type of works you want to do.

Before you proceed with the planning permit application process, we recommend that you contact our Statutory Planning Department on (03) 5734 6200 or at to let them know of your proposal.

You can also schedule a pre-application meeting with one of our planners. This will provide you with information and advice about your proposal. Visit apply for a planning permit for more information.

Do I need a building permit as well?

It is important not to confuse planning permits with building permits. Building permits are generally required for the construction or alteration of buildings. They also help monitor building structure safety and amenity. If you are completing any building or construction works on your property, you may need a building permit in addition to a planning permit. For more information, visit do I need a building permit, or learn the difference between planning and building.

Zones and overlays

Each individual property will have planning zones and overlays that control when a planning permit is needed.

To find out what controls apply to your property, you can:

Permit application guides

Use the checklists as a guide to help you make sure you have everything prepared for a planning application.

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This page was last updated on 29 April 2021.