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After your planning permit has been issued

Once a planning permit has been issued, there are a few things to be aware of.

Planning permit conditions

Planning permits have conditions that set out:

  • how the land can be used or developed
  • the time frame which the works must be completed in
  • additional documentation that is required.

If you cannot meet the conditions of your permit you may have to amend any plans or reports that need to be endorsed.

Endorsed plans

Your planning permit may also come with endorsed plans which clearly show what is to be built and how the land can be used. You must ensure the buildings and works are undertaken as shown on the endorsed plans.

Alternatively, your planning permit may come with a condition stating that amended plans must be submitted and endorsed before the use or works may start. Please ensure all conditions of your permit are read thoroughly, and do not hesitate to contact Council if you have any questions.

Failure to comply with planning permit conditions

If conditions are breached, Council will investigate the planning permit and associated endorsed plans. This includes investigation of allegations regarding the inappropriate use and development of land.

Examples of where use and development may not comply include:

  • building without a planning permit, where one is required
  • building works that are inconsistent with the approved planning permit or endorsed plans
  • using the property illegally or inconsistent with planning permit conditions
  • changing how the land is used without planning approval, where such approval is required
  • carrying out works to a heritage building covered by a heritage overlay without planning approval
  • removing of certain types of vegetation.

Wherever possible, we seek compliance in a friendly manner. If this fails, our next steps include:

  • issuing an official warning
  • issuing a Planning Infringement Notice (PIN) and substantial fine
  • applying to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for the cancellation or amendment of a planning permit
  • applying to the VCAT for an enforcement order
  • prosecuting in the Magistrates' Court.

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This page was last updated on 29 April 2021.