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Current advertised planning applications

PL6067/06.01 - 210 Tallarook Pyalong Road Tallarook

Council is currently assessing an application for an amendment to Planning Permit PL6067/06 at 210 Tallarook – Pyalong Road, Tallarook. The existing permit and endorsed plans allows for:

A Place of assembly (annual music festival with ancillary uses for accommodation and a food and drink premises) in accordance with the endorsed plans.

The applicant proposes to:

  • Amend Conditions 10 and 11
  • Delete Condition 12

Amend Condition 10 – Extension to hours of licensed premise

Condition 10 currently states:

The hours of operation permitted under the permit for the operation of a licensed premises with an extended general liquor license are as follows:

  • Good Friday: 12 noon to 1am
  • Easter Saturday: 10am to 1am
  • Easter Sunday: 10am to 1am

The applicant seeks to amend the times associated with Condition 10 as follows:

  • Good Friday: 12 noon to 3am
  • Easter Saturday: 10am to 3am
  • Easter Sunday: 10am to 3am

Amend Condition 11 – Changing from Indoor Disco to Outdoor Disco

  • Condition 11 currently states:

The hours of operation of the music program permitted under this permit must be as follows:

  • Good Friday 10am – 1am (Saturday)
  • Easter Saturday 10am – 1am (Sunday)
  • Easter Sunday 10am – 1am (Monday)
  • The indoor disco will operate only between midnight and 3AM on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

The applicant seeks to amend the times associated with Condition 10 as follows:

  • Good Friday: 12 noon to 1am (main stage) and 3am (disco)
  • Easter Saturday: 10am to 1am (main stage) and 3am (disco)
  • Easter Sunday: 10am to 1am (main stage) and 3am (disco)

Deletion of Condition 12

The applicant seeks to delete Condition 12. Condition 12 states the following:

Noise generated must not exceed 100dB (A) at the sound desk, and between 12 noon and 10pm the noise levels at surrounding residential dwellings must not exceed 65dB(A). Should the use operate beyond these hours the music from the proposed uses must be inaudible at these dwellings and the noise generated at the sound desk must not exceed 95dB(A) Any complaints about noise generated by the music program would require a review of the extended operating hours for the music program as per condition 11 to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority, and if the complaint is not resolved to Council’s satisfaction the operator is required to fund an independent acoustic test and report undertaken by a Council nominated professional, and the operator must implement the recommendations of this report.

The applicant states that this condition should be deleted as Condition 37 manages noise emissions. Condition 37 states the following.

Noise emissions from the subject premises, when measured in accordance with State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP) (Control of Noise from Commercial, Industrial or Trade Premises with the Melbourne Metropolitan Area) No. N-1 and SEPP (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No. N-2, shall comply at all times with permissible noise levels determined from those policies to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority.

Submissions in relation to the proposed amendment can be made and accepted until a decision is made by Council.

To view all application material, please see the following options:

  • View on the Mitchell Shire website via the below links.
  • Contacting the Statutory Planning Department on (03) 5734 6200 or via email at and our administration team will email a copy to you.
  • The application material will be made available at the Seymour Customer and Library Service Centre - 125 Anzac Avenue, Seymour, which can be viewed from Thursday 18th February 2021 on Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

The advertising package includes the below documents:

  • notice and application
  • reports
  • plans.

Have your say

Submissions regarding this application should be lodged by the advertised end date of 1 February 2021.

Any submission made to Council regarding this application needs to contain:

  • your name, address and email and/or phone number; and
  • the application reference number PL6067/06.01; and
  • a description of your acceptance/feedback or objection of this application.

You can make a submission using any of the following methods:

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the above or should you wish to arrange a time to meet with Council officers, please contact our Statutory Planning Department on 03 5734 6200 and choose option 3.

This page was last updated on 16 February 2021.