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Planning and building

Do I need a permit?

What do you want to do?

Click on the activity or works you wish to undertake to find out what permits you need.

Applying on behalf of a business? Visit business permits and requirements for more information.

Drainage and easements

Connect to the stormwater or drainage system

Build over an easement or Council drain


Replace or build a new front fence

Replace or build a new side or rear fence

Replace or build a fence on a corner allotment

Install an electric fence in an urban area

House construction and demolition

Build a new dwelling (commercial or residential)

Alter or extend a dwelling

Demolish all or part of a building

Request a Certificate of Title

Request property information and documents

Request a copy of building permits

Request copy of planning information

Home-based businesses

Start a home-based business

Multi-unit developments

Construct a multi-unit development

Nature strips, roads and footpaths

Build or repair or remove a crossover

Building over a footpath

Dig up a road, nature strip or footpath

Protect Council assets during construction

Pools and spas

Install a pool or spa

Install a pool or spa safety barrier

Structures on the property

Build a pergola

Build a shed, gazebo, garage or carport

Build a veranda

Construct a deck

Construct a retaining wall

Install or alter a septic tank

Install a water tank (under 10,000 litres) - no permit required

Install a water tank (greater than or equal to 10,000 litres)

Install a shipping container

Install signage

Occupy a caravan or temporary dwelling on private land

Structures on the roof

Install solar panels - no permit required

Subdivision and consolidation

Subdivide land

Develop or change the use of land


Remove a tree from a residential property

Find out whether a tree is protected

Protect a tree during construction


Apply for a liquor licence

Place a skip on Council land

This page was last updated on 5 April 2022.