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Civil works and development

Your permit application and infrastructure data

A-Spec – Including D-Spec, R-spec and O-Spec

In conjunction with other Councils, Mitchell Shire Council has developed a specification document for the delivery of infrastructure data in a GIS-ready format. A-SPEC is made up of a series of separate infrastructure specifications. These being:

  • D-Spec — Drainage data — including underground and open channel drainage, retarding basins and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) data
  • R-Spec — Road data — including road pavement, seal, kerb, footpath, park and street trees
  • O-Spec — Open-space data — including active and passive recreation areas, park furniture and facilities

Unless otherwise agreed to by our Engineering Department, all new infrastructure created as part of new sub-divisional development will require A-SPEC data files to be submitted to Council and approved by our Asset Services Team. This is prior to issuing a Statement of Compliance for a subdivision that creates infrastructure that Council will manage.

Before issuing the Statement of Compliance or placing works on maintenance, you must submit to Council:

  • An electronic copy of the 'as-constructed' drawings in PDF and AutoCAD DWG file in GDA2020-MGA Zone 55 mapping coordinates
  • Appropriate A-Spec files in TAB, MID/MIF or ESRI Shapefile format in GDA2020-MGA Zone 55 mapping coordinates under the A-SPEC Standard. The A-SPEC files must align with the A-SPEC standards in terms of the field data types and the individual fields complying with any codelists where applicable.

The Asset Services Team will review the A-SPEC and 'as-constructed' drawings. They may send the files back for re-submission or request clarification if there is missing or incorrect data.

For more information, go to the A-SPEC website. You can also log in and access reference material if you're an A-SPEC member.

This page was last updated on 23 May 2022.