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Swimming pools and spas

Register a swimming pool or spa with Council

All pools and spas must be registered with Council and have their safety barrier inspected once every four years.

The law applies to swimming pools and spas that are can hold more than 300mm (30cm) of water. This includes:

  • permanent pools
  • above ground pools
  • indoor pools
  • hot tubs
  • bathing or wading pools
  • some relocatable pools.

Relocatable pools that do not consist of multiple components and do not require any assembly are not subject to the barrier requirements. An example of such a product is a small inflatable pool that requires no assembly other than inflation.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Mitchell Shire Council Building Services Team on 03 5734 6200.

For commercial pools, visit our aquatic facilities page.

Register a swimming pool or spa:

Step 1

Familiarise yourself with the registration and inspection requirements and FAQs.

Step 2

Apply to register your swimming pool or spa using the online form below.

Step 3

A Council officer will call you to take payment of the registration fee over the phone. The registration fee is $31.84

Application form

This page was last updated on 15 August 2022.