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Septic tanks

Taking care of your septic tank

With more people working or studying at your home, your septic system could be under stress — particularly in the wetter months.

Don't risk it

If your system is not operating properly:

  • polluted water from your septic system carrying bacteria and viruses could make people unwell
  • the polluted water can have a damaging effect on the environment
  • you may be up for expensive repairs and or replacement costs.

Know the warning signs

  • rotten smells
  • pooling of water
  • alarm system warnings
  • blockages
  • water backing up in the sink, shower or washing machine

Tips and maintenance

  • know where your septic tank, pits, trenches and pipes are
  • pump out the septic tank regularly
  • have your treatment plant serviced at intervals required by the manufacturer
  • use water efficiently by installing water-saving appliances and spreading out water usage to reduce overloading
  • only flush or wash down items safe for your septic system. Do not flush down bleaches, fats, oils and sanitary products
  • keep tree roots, vehicles and farm animals away from pipes

For renters

If you are a tenant of a rental property who is reliant on a septic system, be sure to contact your property manager should you have any concerns regarding the system.

Need more information?

For further guidance we recommend you visit Environmental Protection Authority: Guidance on onsite wastewater management

This page was last updated on 10 June 2021.