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Request building plans or property information

Request building or property information

Types of property information you can request

One of the many functions of Council is to provide land or property information under Regulation 51. You can request information about the property under four categories:

Land information

  • whether the land is subject to flooding or bushfire
  • whether it is designated land (where protection measures might be in place)
  • whether the land is subject to termites (please note that all of Mitchell Shire is in a declared termite area).

Legal point of discharge

  • information on the location of the stormwater drainage area that discharge from the land must be directed to.

Local drainage information

  • information that relates to details of pipes within the drainage on, or adjacent to, the property.

Make a request for building or property information

Step 1

Complete an online application via the eServices portal.

Step 2

Pay the relevant fee online when you submit your application.

Step 3

Council will search for the relevant documents and provide you with a copy if they are available.

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This page was last updated on 1 July 2022.