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Report and consent

Report and consent is the process in which you seek approval from Council to proceed with building or construction works that:

  • do not meet the minimum standards outlined in Part 5 of the Building Regulations
  • may affect community assets, infrastructure or amenities.

Examples of where you might need to apply for report and consent include:

  • a situation where the minimum standards that apply to building height, setbacks, site coverage, solar access, overlooking and overshadowing, fence heights, etc. are not met
  • a situation where the building projects over the property boundary
  • building over an easement such as a Council drain, electricity, gas, sewerage or water supply (see build over easement)
  • building above or below public facilities
  • installing or altering a septic tank system.

Your appointed building surveyor cannot issue a building permit unless they are satisfied that any required report and consent has been obtained.

Step 1

Prepare the following supporting documentation:

  • current certificate of title and title plan
  • clear and legible drawings including a site plan and any relevant floor plans and elevations (these plans must highlight the areas of non-compliance with the building regulations)
  • a written submission justifying the proposal in accordance with the Ministers Guidelines PDF (215 KB).

Step 2

Download the relevant report and consent application form below

Step 3

Return all documents to any of our Customer and Library Service Centres or Wallan Planning and Building Services Office and pay the fee listed on the form; or return your completed documents to Mitchell Shire Council and an officer will call you to take payment over the phone.

Applications can take up to 14 days to process.

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This page was last updated on 22 April 2021.