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Protection work and hoarding permits

When carrying out work close to property boundaries, consideration for the assets on the adjoining property must be considered. You may need a protection work notice to complete the work on your property.

When do I need a protection work notice?

Protection work notices may be required for the following:

  • works on or close to the boundary of a property
  • developments that require access to public walkways or footpaths, and may block public foot traffic or need to divert it to a safer part of the street (this may also require a hoarding permit).

Will I be informed if I need a protections work notice?

Yes. Your building surveyor will asses your building plans to determine if you need to apply for a protection work notice.

How do I apply for a protections work notice?

If you require a protection work notice, your building surveyor will provide you with protection work notices (forms 7&8).

These forms will need to be sited and sighed by the affected adjoining neighbours before you can apply for your building permit.

Your protection work notices will need to be attached to your application for a building permit.

For more information on this process, read the Victorian Building Authority’s Practice Note 20 on Protection Work.

Make a request for adjoining neighbour details

You can ask us to supply you with details of the owners on the adjoining properties for the purpose of protection work.

Step 1

Download and complete the Application for Adjoining Property Owners Details form.

Step 2

Return the form in person at any of our Customer and Library Service Centres, or email it to

When carrying out building work over a footpath, whatever the size of the work, hoarding consent will be required. To apply for hoarding work consent:

Step 1

Prepare the following supporting documentation:

  • site plan drawn to scale and detailing the extent and method of hoarding, hours of operation, and any relevant information such as location of detours, lighting, signage and appropriate Australian Standards
  • certificate of title.

Step 2

Download and complete the Hoarding Consent Application form.

Step 3

Return all documents to any of our Customer and Library Service Centres or the Wallan Planning and Building Services Office and pay the relevant fee in person; or email your documents to and an officer will call you to take payment over the phone.

Please note, there may be other applications through Council's engineering or local laws departments that you may need to complete in preparation for your hoarding works. You will be advised about this upon application.

Applications may take up to 14 days to process.

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This page was last updated on 22 April 2021.