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Broadford is situated only 72km from Melbourne, on the Sunday Creek and is home to the Shire's Civic Offices and character filled buildings including the local post office and shopping precinct.

Local History

On a quiet Sunday in 1842 the explorers Hume and Hovell, camped near a creek they named Sunday Creek. One can still enjoy the quiet of the surrounding bushland enjoyed by these two adventurous men.

Gold was discovered in the Sunday Creek in the 1860s and in 1890 a huge paper mill was built that continues to contribute to the town's economy.

Explore Historic Broadford

Historical houses in the area are testament to early settlement. Pioneer Cottage and the Broadford Courier Buildings provide a glimpse of the past by showcasing the building methods and living quarters of pioneers of the area. The antique printing presses and other printing equipment display the technology once put to use to spread news in the small country town. Go to historic buildings.

Local Sports and Sightseeing

Broadford is also home to the renowned State Motorcycle Sports Complex.

Mt Piper provides striking opportunities for sight seeing, bushwalking and a chance to view the rare Ant Blue Butterfly.

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