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Hosting an event in Mitchell

Mitchell Shire plays host to a diverse and growing number of community and major events. Council is supportive and encourages events that bring significant community, tourism and economic benefit to our local communities. 

Mitchell Shire Council's Event Guide has been developed to support event organisers in developing the plans required to obtain and required permits. The Event Guide also provides information on managing the community amenity and safety impacts that may arise from events.

The Expression of Interest (EOI) form has been designed to complement the Event Guide. The details collected on the EOI form will provide the basis for an application to hold an event in Mitchell Shire. An e-mail response within five (5) business days will be forwarded to the contact listed on this form outlining the required actions to apply for the relevant permits and approval as required. 


Events will be assessed on their impact and the type of activities involced. As a guide only, the following timelines will apply:

Impact of event
Event assessment considerations
Minimum notice period


  • Less than 500 people
  • No road closures
  • Less than 5 temporary structures
  • Minimal waste (less than 5 bins)
  • 1 day event
  • Single location
  • No alcohol
  • Food & beverage (class 1 or 2)
  • Outside fire danger or extreme weather periods *


8 weeks



  • 500 – 3,000 people
  • Road closures, parking, pedestrian impacts
  • Temporary structures
  • Amusement devices
  • 5 – 20 bins
  • Portable power, gas appliances
  • Camping
  • Trading
  • Amplified sound
  • 1 or more days
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Sporting or high risk activities
  • Alcohol
  • Food (class 1, 2, 3)
  • Declared fire danger period or in extreme weather periods.

3 – 6 months



  • More than 3,000 people
  • Considerations as per “Medium” impact events
  • 2 or more days
  • Fireworks

6 – 12 months



The Event Guidelines and EOI will help you to plan a successful event in Mitchell Shire. For more information please contact the Economic Development Unit on 03 5734 6200 or email events@mitchellshire.vic.gov.au.

  • What is an event and what permits do I need?

  • Event spaces

  • Marketing your Event

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