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Matt H

Matt H MSC

Matt's profile

Sporting and exercise history

"Football since under-10s. Bodybuilding and strength training for roughly five years."


  • Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Certificate 3 in Sport and Recreation
  • Undertaking a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (3rd year)

Favourite exercise or workout

"Bench press."

Favourite food

"Chicken parma."


"Sport specific training, bodybuilding and power lifting training."


"Personally, I would like to continue getting stronger whilst maintaining my athleticism. Career wise, I hope to educate everyone on the importance of lifting weights and to help them incorporate it into their lifestyle."

Fun fact

"I didn't train legs for the first two years of starting in the gym."

Words of wisdom for those struggling to stay motivated to exercise

"Hard work beats talent when talent won't work hard."