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Monument Hill Reserve, Kilmore

Monument Road, Kilmore (See map)
Dog rules:

Monument Hill Reserve provides habitat for several nocturnal mammals including brush tail possums, ringtail possums and sugar gliders, as well as the threatened brush tailed phascogale.

The reserve is dominated by eucalypts, wattle (acacia species), native grasses and wildflowers.

At the peak of the reserve, accessible by car, you can find Hume and Hovell Monument.


The Taungurung were the earliest inhabitants of the area of Kilmore and held strong cultural values for many of the native flora that exists on the Monument Hill Reserve.

Monument Hill became known as a lookout in the early years of European settlement that followed the Hume and Hovell expedition in the 1800s. The reserve is Crown Land for which Mitchell Shire Council is the Committee of Management.


Monument Hill Reserve provides habitat for several nocturnal mammal species. These include:

  • brushtail possums (Trichosurus Vulpecula)
  • ringtail possums (Pseudocheirus Perengrinus)
  • sugar gliders (Petaurus Breviceps)
  • brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale Tapoatafa).

The reserve also hosts a large and diverse number of native birdlife. The noticeboard near the car park describes a large number of the birds and amphibians found within the reserve.

Significant flora

The Monument Hill Reserve over storey is dominated by Eucalypts with a secondary layer of smaller species, particularly Wattle Acaciaspecies. The reserve also has a diverse ground layer vegetation of native grasses and wildflower species.

Highlights and facilities

  • tracks for horse riding and bushwalking
  • wildflower walks
  • gravel car park
  • Monument Road access to Monument Tower

How you can help

  • keep dogs on a leash
  • no motorised recreational vehicles permitted
  • please take all rubbish with you
  • keep to trails to protect the native vegetation
  • no firewood collection permitted

Visiting for the Day

Parking and entry to the reserve are available via Anderson Road, Kilmore. Please visit the Monument Hill Reserve noticeboard for greater insight into the history of the reserve and the native flora and fauna found there.


Fact sheets

We have put together the following fact sheets relating to some of the flora, amphibians and fungi you may see when visiting Monument Hill Reserve.



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