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Organising an event

Promote your event in our calendar

Promote your event in the Mitchell Shire Event Calendar — no event is too big or too small to appear. Event listings are free.

You will need a description (25 words minimum, 200 words maximum) and photos of your business or event. At least one photo is required.


What events can I promote?
What information should I include in my event description?
  • The description should focus on the event
  • Use the event name in the first paragraph
  • One idea per paragraph – space out your text
  • No abbreviations or acronyms
  • Use capitals for names only, such as Victoria or Bath Street, not for entire words like “FREE”
  • No special characters: @ # % * ( ) _ + >< ... or any copyright, trademark or registered character
  • Write in the Third Person. Do not use: I, me, my, we, our or us
  • If available, include information about event time or entry cost
  • Do not include venue address, dates, phone, website or email details in the description. These should go into their own fields
What sort of photo should I use to promote my event?
  • Please supply a high resolution picture representing your event
  • Load images in their original format — the bigger the better
  • Images are automatically resized so don't worry about adjusting them yourself
  • Landscape format are best
  • No text/writing over the photo if avoidable
  • No banners, logos, posters or flyers — the writing may be cut off when the photo is resized
  • Images must be in focus
  • Images must have no copyright restrictions

View our event calendar for ideas and inspiration.

How do I change or remove a listing?

Contact if you would like:

  • your event listing removed
  • to make a change to your listing
  • to edit information you have submitted in error

Event calendar application form

Event details
What date/s will your event be held
What time does your event start and finish
Brief indication of what the event is about to attract your audience. Think of this as a 'snapshot'.
Tell us about your event. Minimum 25 words, maximum 200 words.
Upload a photo for your event
Do you have a feature image we can use to promote your event? Please no event flyers (single images only).
Event topic  
Event audience  
Contact details
Do you want your contact details included on the event listing?  
Have you registered your event with Council?  
Please note: As you have selected no, you will need to complete an event expression of interest form to notify Council of your event requirements. Council may not promote your event until the EOI form has been received and processed.
Do you have the required permits for your event?


This page was last updated on 13 June 2019.