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Webinar: Understanding rakali - Australia's otter

Tuesday 24 May at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Virtual event

An online forum will be presented on rakali (commonly known as a water rat) on Tuesday 24 May at 7pm.

Geoff Williams from the Australian Platypus Conservancy will outline the biology and key conservation requirements of this fascinating native mammal and provide tips on how to go about spotting rakali in the Mitchell Shire area.

The platypus is widely recognised as a uniquely Australian animal. By comparison, relatively few people know that the Australian water-rat (Hydromys chrysogaster) is a genuine native rodent that was a natural part of our environment long before the arrival of its pest cousins - the black rat and brown rat.

The water-rat, also known as rakali, possesses a thick coat of soft fur, splendid whiskers, blunt muzzle, partly webbed hind feet and furry tail, all helping to create a resemblance to a miniature otter.

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