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Puckapunyal is located 10 kilometres west of Seymour and is best known for being the home of an Australian Army Training facility. It is also home to the Australian Army Tank Museum.

History and Heritage

The area was first used as a military training area during World War One and was formally established as Puckapunyal Camp in 1939. The original site was too small for the military’s requirements for wartime training. Additional land has been acquired over time,bringing the total area of the camp to over 390km². The area has rich military heritage and still serves as a training camp for the Australian army today.

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Puckapunyal is located only 10 kilometres west of Seymour. ‘Pucka,’ as the locals call it, is home to the Australian Army Tank Museum. The museum contains over 80 tanks and armoured vehicles, as well as military weapons and an extensive uniform collection.

The exhibition is divided into two sections for visitors to enjoy. The outside area of the exhibition features the armoured vehicle and anti-tank weapons, while the inner Chavual Hall, features stories of historic operations and current deployments. The collection ranges from the First World War to current advancements and provides an informative and stirring experience for visitors. As the Museum is located on the army base, all visitors must provide acceptable identification to access. Opening days vary and it is best to check the Australian Army Tank website for further details.

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This page was last updated on 20 January 2022.