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Published Monday 15 November 2021
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Last days for worm farm and compost bin subsidy

Cut down the amount of waste going into your household garbage bin by joining the wonderful world of composting or worm farming.

Until the end of November, Council is offering a Compost Bin and Worm Farm subsidy, where residents can claim up to 50 per cent back for any compost bin or worm farm purchased at one of our participating retailers (capped at $50 for worm farms and $30 for compost bins).

The subsidy gives residents a low-cost opportunity to introduce composting and worm farming into their home recycling routines, as well as reducing the amount of waste going into garbage bins.

Typically, organic waste accounts for 30 per cent of the average household's garbage bin, so putting food scraps into a compost bin or worm farm will help reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

To claim the subsidy, simply purchase your compost bin or worm farm from one of the retailers listed below, then complete the claim form on our website within seven days of purchase.

Participating retailers include:

  • Broadford: Broadford Timber and Hardware
  • Kilmore: Kilmore Mitre 10
  • Seymour: Bunnings Warehouse
  • Wallan: Pretty Sally Home and Garden

The Compost bin and Worm farm subsidy will run until 30 November, or earlier if funds are expended.

Comments from Mayor Cr Rhonda Sanderson

"We’d love to see the whole Mitchell community get behind the War on Waste, and this is a practical way for households to do their bit and make a difference,” she said.

“As well as reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill, home composting and worm farming gives you fantastic fertiliser that, when added to your garden, encourages strong plant growth and helps the soil retain water."

"They’re an easy, low-maintenance way to turn your kitchen scraps into a rich fertiliser which your garden will love.”

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