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Published Monday 17 February 2020
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Wallan dump site to be cleaned by March

Mitchell Shire Council is supporting Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria in its efforts to have an industrial-sized waste dump at Newbridge Estate in Wallan cleared.

EPA is aware of the concerns of local residents and has issued a clean up notice to the property owner which requires the debris to be removed by 16 March and taken to a facility licensed to receive this kind of waste.

The approach to have the dumper pay has been supported by Council and will support prosecution if the order to clean up is ignored.

Council has been concerned with possible health and fire risks. With the recent rain and changing weather conditions, fire still poses a risk. Such is Council’s concern a Fire Prevention Notice was issued to create a 100-metre fire break.

The matter is ongoing, and EPA is in contact with the duty holder who has a responsibility to ensure they are compliant with all the regulations. EPA remains vigilant and ready to enforce further regulatory action, in line with its Compliance and Enforcement Policy - if required.

Council has also expressed dismay at the increased level of dumping across the shire, with investigations finding much of the dumped materials have come outside the shire.

Council receives a large number of requests in relation to illegal dumping with thousands of dollars spent on clearing materials - a cost our community has to cover.

Dumped materials can also pose health and environmental risks across the community and the natural environment.

Quotes attributable to Mitchell Shire Acting CEO Mary Agostino

“Mitchell Shire is a place of pride. We value our natural attractions and open spaces," she said.

“Illegal dumpers have absolutely no respect or regard for others or the damage they could cause for our community and environment. We are supportive of a hard-line approach by the EPA to have the Newbridge site cleared.

“We urge the community to be vigilant and report any illegal dumping activity. It is time to Dob in a Dumper. So much of the waste typically found in dumpsites could have been sent to our Resource Recovery Centres for free.”

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