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Published Monday 5 October 2020
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Visitor Info Centre is back

The Visitor Information Centre is back open, just in time for keen regional Victorian tourists ready to safely explore Mitchell Shire on those crisp sunny days.

While many of our tourist-based services are slowly coming back online following COVID-19 shutdowns, there will be is no shortage of promoting Mitchell Shire.

The VIC is now open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to allow visitors and travellers alike to access a range of tourist information and key local knowledge – all available at the centre located at 47 Emily Street, Seymour.

All visitor servicing will adhere to the guidelines of social distancing to keep our visitors and volunteers safe and masks must be worn both in and out of the centre. The VIC’s opening hours will be from 10am to 3pm to support those safety standards.

For all those locals who have regional Victorian families and friends looking for an escape over the weekend, pop in and say g’day at the visitor centre and show them all what is great about Mitchell Shire.

And to keep informed please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @discovermitchell

Comments from Visitor Service Ambassador Peter Wright

"One of the best parts of volunteering at the Visitor Information Centre is assisting people who have travelled to Mitchell Shire as they want to spend time here, have a holiday and sometimes to move here. I am lucky to have met people from all over Australia and all over the world – whether they were from Ballarat or Britain," he said.

Being able to provide the most up to date information, and pass on some local knowledge, makes it a worthwhile time – and is a lot of fun. We are so pleased to be back, however, we encourage people to continue to wear their masks and follow the latest guidelines.

"While we are on limited hours at the moment, locals and travellers alike have access to friendly faces and we hope to continue to see everyone enjoy the community safely."

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