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Published Thursday 11 June 2020
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Updated kerbside policy brings more flexibility

An updated kerbside policy adopted by Mitchell Shire Council on Monday 18 May will make it easier for people to access kerbside collections, including people who need temporary service access or increases.

The policy, which guides Council’s kerbside collection services, has been updated to ensure that it reflects the current services provided by Council and increases opportunities to provide the service to more properties throughout the shire.

Several new items, including medical exemptions and a temporary pandemic kerbside collection service, as week as changes to service extension requests, have been included in the updated policy.

The policy adoption also formalises the current kerbside collection service that is offered to residents in Mitchell Shire including access for schools, businesses, new developments and rural areas as well as collection zones and routes.

To view the updated policy, visit our policy document

Quotes from Mayor David Lowe

“The community has been asking for more flexibility and we’ve delivered. In the past, we were more restricted about how far we could extend the kerbside collection but now we are experiencing more growth, we are trying to be more flexible and extend this service where we can.

“Kerbside collection services are important services provided to the community to ensure that their waste and recycling are managed in a way that will minimise impacts on the environment and human health. In updating our Policy we have tried to make it easier for people to access this service."

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