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Published Tuesday 15 September 2020
Tags:COVID-19, Tourism

Top 5 COVID-Safe Activities in Mitchell Shire

While stay-at-home orders still persist in some parts of Victoria, we are all getting a little antsy being cooped up at home. Never have we appreciated the great outdoors more! How good would a change of scene be – just stepping out and into nature for a little bit.

While the pandemic is far from over and social distancing measures are to stay in place, we have made a list of outdoor activities in Mitchell Shire that are COVID-safe and will keep you away from brimming crowds.

Riding along the Great Victorian Rail Trail

Victoria’s longest continuous rail trail, the Great Victorian Rail Trail, spans 134kms from Tallarook to Mansfield. Ride along the Goulburn River and enjoy majestic views of the Trawool valley and the surrounding countryside. It makes for one of the best outdoor activities in Mitchell Shire, with a great opportunity to get up close with nature and stay socially distanced from other groups. Start from Tallarook, ride a section of it until the Trawool Estate or head on to Yea. If you’re feeling ambitious, go all the way.

Fishing in the Goulburn River

One of the things to do in Mitchell Shire while staying COVID-safe is to go fishing. Grab your rod, pull out a chair, and head over to this tranquil and peaceful river. The freshwater flows provide for some great catches of the Murray Cod, rainbow trout, and the redfin. While away some time reading a book or catching a nap in the great outdoors while dinner sorts itself out. All this while staying COVID-safe – what a catch.

A Round of Golf in Mandalay

If you want to indulge in safe outdoor activities, consider a round of golf on the beautiful Mandalay course. Just off the Hume highway, this one has been converted from simple farmlands into a sprawling par 72 course. Its carefully undulating fairways and larger traditional sized bunkers enable players of all levels to hone their skills on a course specially built for strategic play. Bring in the family and tee off some time.

Walking Up the Mount Piper Summit

It might not be the easiest walk up there, but a guaranteed picturesque one. Mount Piper is a haven for local flora and fauna and the summit walk just the beginning into exploring the region. Look out for the endangered Blue Ant butterflies and the Golden Sun moths on your way up. Accessed best from Broadford, this one marks for a good place to begin exploring the shire.

Girl in the bush walking on a track

Driving Around Mitchell Shire

One of the most COVID-safe activities to do is to get in your car and head out for a beautiful drive. Navigate through our beautiful towns and see what they have to offer. Flanked by rolling hills on one side and beautiful wildlife on the other, Mitchell also makes for a great place to spot kangaroos and wallabies, so keep the cameras ready. Finally, drive up to the Murchison Gap lookout, locally known as The Valley of 1000 Hills, for a glorious sunset before you turn around and head back home, or maybe you will even want to stay a little longer?

Discover Mitchell

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