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Published Thursday 18 November 2021
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Tell Minister Wynne to put quarry in bin

Have your say on the future of Beveridge/Wallan and stop the State Government allowing the development of a quarry in your neighbourhood.

Mitchell Shire Council has twice rejected an application for the proposed quarry at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan, and shares the community’s concerns that the quarry will create significant issues for our existing and future communities including dust, noise, vibrations, traffic congestion and health impacts.

The community is invited to make a submission to the Victorian Planning Authority on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan – which includes the proposed development of a quarry on the side of Spring Hill.

Council has requested an urgent crisis meeting with Planning Minister Richard Wynne to discuss serious concerns around the proposed quarry and to ensure the community’s input is appropriately and respectfully considered.

The Terms of Reference for the consultation on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan Ministerial Advisory Committee, reinforce a sense from the community that the quarry is a done deal and that they are voiceless in this fight.

The Terms of Reference direct the Advisory Committee – who will make a recommendation to Minister Wynne – to not consider whether the quarry should be included within the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan. This direction from the Minister essentially limits the ability of the Committee to hear arguments as to the merits of excluding a quarry from this location.

For the people of Beveridge and Wallan, the issue is not whether the quarry is appropriately included within the Beveridge North West PSP, but whether it should be included at all.

The State Government had initially ruled out a quarry at this location before backflipping and is now pursuing community consultation on a new version of the Beveridge Precinct Structure Plan including a quarry in the lead up to Christmas. The timing, lack of information presented, and efforts to limit the scope of input are both confusing and concerning to Mitchell Shire Council and the community.

The corridor from Beveridge through to Wallan is expected to be home to more than 235,000 people. If the quarry goes ahead, these communities will be disconnected, impacting the people who already call the area home and those who will move to the area in years to come.

This consultation presents one of the most important moments for the community to make its voice heard. Now is the time to make a submission to Minister Wynne and the Victorian Planning Authority, telling them: “No quarry in Beveridge/Wallan.”

To view the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan or for information on how to make a submission, follow the link below.

Get involved

Mitchell Shire Council will be holding a number of online and in-person sessions to provide further information and support anyone who is interested to make a submission. The sessions are:

Community drop-in sessions

Online via Microsoft Teams

  • Thursday 25 November, 7pm to 8pm
  • Tuesday 14 December, 7pm to 8pm

To register for an online session, email

The VPA is holding online and in-person information sessions


  • Thursday 16 December 5.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Monday 17 January 7pm - 8pm

Community drop-in sessions

  • Tuesday 18 January, 5pm - 7.30pm at the Wallan Multi-Purpose Centre, 42 Bentinck St, Wallan.

Submissions on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan close on Monday 31 January.

Comments from Councillor Rob Eldridge

“If it goes ahead, a quarry in this location will be a disaster for our existing and future communities," he said.

“As a local government, we are tasked to represent and support both current and future generations of residents who will live in our municipality; their concerns and interests regarding this proposed quarry deserve an appropriate level of respect and consideration.

“The current process is not the proper way to deal with a community and fails to demonstrate respect for their concerns.

“I encourage anyone from Beveridge or Wallan who lives, works, goes to school, operates a business or who might be considering moving here in the future to make a submission on the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan. The community’s voice, however, is the most important in this debate, and now is the time to make it count.

“We’re doing things differently at Mitchell. We’re planning for quality developments that include open spaces, world class services and healthy, connected communities. A quarry in this location will destroy this and undermine the good planning outcomes we’re trying to achieve.

“We don’t want to become a dumping ground for quarries to service Victoria’s big build when there is more than enough supply to meet demand in existing and approved quarries in Melbourne’s north."

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