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Published Monday 18 May 2020

Storm damage roads update

Diggings Road, Willowmavin

Diggings Road in Willowmavin is closed at Prices Creek between Coopers Road (Tomlinson Track) and Mchargs Road due to major culvert damage.

  • Residents located east of the road closure can access Diggings Road Via Mchargs Road.
  • Residents located west of the road closure can access Diggings Road via Coopers Road (Tomlinson Track).

Significant culvert repairs are required. Tenders have been called and Council is working with the relevant authorities to meet environmental regulations for the repair works which impact Prices Creek.

Soil samples have been taken this week as well as further investigations around appropriate culvert/ drainage treatments and the development of detailed engineering designs. These have been needed to inform the tender documents.

It is hoped that works will begin by the end of May. A further update will be provided to residents after tenders have been assessed and a works timeline developed.

Tomlinson Track

Council has performed surface works to temporarily improve the surface condition of Tomlinson Track to provide resident access.

Tomlinson Track is being inspected daily to ensure the alternative route is safe and accessible. Inspections will occur on weekends if the weather is likely to impact conditions. The track is accessible for vehicles and small trucks.

All efforts will be made to keep the track open. Council has materials on standby to make minor repairs if needed.

Other roads

Approximately 60 roads across the shire were damaged during the storm including 100 culverts, 60 drains, washouts/substantial corrugations, potholes, edge drop offs and other substantial infrastructure damage.

Council immediately undertook urgent 'make safe' work to ensure people could access their properties and travel on Council. This included hazard signs in some places to make road users aware of changed road conditions.

We've also been working on a plan for the affected areas including inspections and documentation for disaster recovery claims. We have secured National Disaster Funding through Emergency Management Victoria and we are now working to complete the repair works as quickly as possible.

We have written to more than 1000 property owners with an update.

We have engaged several teams to help deliver these urgent works and hope to have work completed by July 2020.

Below is a list of roads with significant damage. This list is based on a report from 30 April 2020 and may be subject to change.

  • Dockerys Road - Sugarloaf Creek
  • Allan Street - Kilmore
  • Allen Street - Kilmore
  • Anderson Road - Kilmore
  • Andersons Lane - Glenhope
  • Andrew Street - Kilmore
  • Arkells Lane - Wallan
  • Bakers Road - Kilmore East
  • Bourke Street - Kilmore
  • Broadford Wandong Road - Wandong
  • Cleves Road North - Upper Plenty
  • Cochrane Court - Clonbinane
  • Corbett Lane - Kilmore
  • Daisyburn Road - Hilldene
  • Dead Dog Lane - Glenhope
  • Dry Creek Crescent - Wandong
  • Dry Creek Road - Broadford
  • Duffy Street - Kilmore East
  • Forbes Moranding Road - Willowmavin
  • Franklins Road - Glenhope
  • Glenburnie Avenue - Heathcote Junction
  • Harrington Street - Kilmore East
  • Heathcote East Baynton Road - Glenhope East
  • Highlands Road - Whiteheads Creek
  • Hume & Hovell Road - Seymour
  • Junction Road - Heathcote Junction
  • Kelby Lane - Wallan
  • Kellys Lane - Kilmore
  • Kilmore Glenaroua Road - Glenaroua
  • Kilmore Glenaroua Road - Glenaroua
  • Lambing Gully Road - Avenel
  • Leahys Road - Tallarook
  • Lords Road - Upper Plenty
  • Mahadys Road - Upper Plenty
  • Main Road - Tallarook
  • Marions Lane - Kilmore East
  • Melissa Court - Kilmore
  • Nannys Creek Road - Kilmore East
  • O'Gradys Road - Kilmore East
  • Old Sydney Road - Wallan
  • Rail Street - Heathcote Junction
  • Range Avenue - Heathcote Junction
  • Schoolhouse Lane - Hilldene
  • Schoolhouse Lane - Tallarook
  • Smith Lane - Nulla Vale
  • Stockdale Road - Wallan
  • Stokes Track - Upper Plenty
  • Sugarloaf Creek Road - Broadford
  • Sugarloaf Creek Road - Sugarloaf Creek
  • Tantaraboo Road - Willowmavin
  • The Bridle Track - Glenaroua
  • The Dene - Wandong
  • Valley Road - Glenhope
  • William Street - Wallan
  • Zig Zag Road - Nulla Vale

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