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Published Friday 3 July 2020
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Steady results for satisfaction survey

Libraries, customer service and the appearance of public areas have topped the list as the best performing areas for 2020 in the community satisfaction survey.

Based on input from 400 residents, the annual survey is coordinated by Local Government Victoria and measures satisfaction across core indicators and key service areas for Mitchell Shire Council.

Libraries and customer service remain the top performing areas followed by the appearance of public areas; recreational facilities; emergency and disaster management; enforcement of local laws; family support services; business support; community and cultural; and waste management in the top 10.

Satisfaction with population growth and business growth has increased slightly while roads, footpaths and slashing and weed control did not score as highly.

In addition to individual service areas, the survey also measures core indicators including overall performance and direction. These have decreased following last year’s results, however they remain on an upward trend over the past five years.

The survey also identifies key areas to focus on to improve satisfaction with overall performance including community decisions, condition of local roads, lobbying, community consultation and waste management.

I am pleased to see that satisfaction with population growth and business support has increased slightly as these were two areas we had a strong focus on following last year’s survey.
Comments from e Mayor David Lowe

“I am pleased to see that the upward trend over time remains positive, although some indicators have dropped compared to the highs of the previous year.

“I am also pleased to see the appearance of public areas and recreation facilities are in our top results with many upgrades and new facilities in place.

“Unfortunately, satisfaction with roads has dropped after a large increase in expenditure last year. We also have low results for footpaths and slashing and weed control despite a considerable investment in these important areas over the last few years.

“Hopefully people see we are trying to do more in this area and that we are also strong advocates for the Victorian Government to do more on the roads and roadsides they manage.”

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