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Published Tuesday 11 September 2018
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Southern Mitchell aquatic study update

There's been some community discussion about building an aquatic facility for Wallan and Beveridge.

This is a project Council supports and is something that we have already started planning for.

In fact, we recently received $150,000 from the Victorian Government for a study which will help us investigate things such as cost, location, what features should be included and what the centre will look like.

There are a few key steps we must take before we’re ready to secure funding and build a centre.

The $150,000 for the aquatic study will help us prepare for this in detail.

1. Planning

We’ve already done some preliminary planning through the Aquatic Strategy and our population forecasts.

The aquatic study will investigate things in more detail based on current population forecasts and what sorts of thing the community is likely to need and use in an aquatic facility now and in the future.


2. Design and input

The study will help us determine things such costs and location.

It will also provide our community the opportunity to have their say on vital aspects such as what features they think should be included in the facility.

After this, we'll prepare some designs.


3. Checking in

Once we have some designs in place, we will once again work with our community to get their feedback before finalising the plans and creating detailed designs so we're ready to build.


4. Funding

Major aquatic facilities cost between $50-70 million which is too much for us to fund alone so we'll need to secure funding from other sources.

To secure other funding, we'll need to develop a business case with well-researched designs and costings.

The business case will also include an assessment of how many people need to live in the area to make the centre viable to run. The aquatic study is a key part of this.


5. Construct and open

The centre is built and ready for people to start using.


What can the community do now?

Let the election candidates and current members know this is important to you.

Submit a budget idea to show your support to progress plans for an aquatic centre in the south.

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