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Published Friday 1 July 2022

Show your support for Sydney Street traders

Kilmore florist Di Templeton is encouraging community members to continue supporting local business during the Sydney Street Rejuvenation Project.

The Buds and Branches owner has had restricted access to her business as new footpath is laid on the western side of the street.

Di said she was keen to remind shoppers that businesses were still open and would love to see their regular traders dropping in despite the changed conditions.

“I understand the inconvenience being felt by traders and I’m grateful that my customers have supported me and worked with the changed conditions,” she said.

“Local businesses need support from the community as the construction works continue.

“It may look like your favourite businesses are closed but get in contact with them, they will be happy to hear from you.

“This inconvenience is the price of a positive upgrade for our street and our town.

“I’ve been here eight years and I’ve seen people fall due to the state of the footpath. This work needed to happen and I’m glad Council are doing it.

Di encouraged community members and traders to speak with Mitchell Shire Council’s Engagement Officer at the Kilmore Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays if they have an issue.

“I have been down there and spoken to the Engagement Officer. They have listened to my issues and helped me to solve them,” she said.

“They obviously can’t solve every issue but it’s worth having a chat to get some clarity about your situation.

“I encourage people to remember this is a short-term pain for a long-term gain.”

The streetscape upgrade works are being completed in two stages over approximately nine months.

The area between Clarke and Union Street will be transformed with 69 new trees and a pedestrian refuge near Mitchell Street.

This stage began in April and will continue through to the end of July (weather permitting).

Key features of Stage 1 include the renewal of sections of damaged kerbs and footpaths, new street trees and garden plantings.

Stage 2 will see the existing 15 Robinia street trees between Union and Bourke Street replaced with 17 colourful deciduous trees.

This stage is scheduled to commence in July and continue through to December.

Key features of Stage 2 include the installation of kerb outstands to provide more footpath space for outdoor dining, bluestone pavements, new street trees and the installation of two new public bus stops.

For more information about the Sydney Street Rejuvenation Project, visit the project website.

Comments from Mitchell Shire Mayor

We understand this project is causing inconvenience for traders and community members, but we know this will have a positive impact on Kilmore.

Contractors are doing their best to minimise the disruption to normal activities, and I urge local shoppers to continue supporting local businesses in any way they can as the works continue.

This is a positive step forward for Kilmore and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Cr Bill Chisholm

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