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Published Tuesday 1 March 2022

Changes to road grading schedule

It's been pretty dry lately, which has presented a few problems for Council's unsealed road network because the road surface is drying out quicker than normal.

This lack of moisture makes it difficult to deliver a smooth road pavement, resulting in corrugations forming quite easily which is noticeable in some of Council's unsealed roads at present.

This has impacted Council's maintenance grading program. We've adjusted a few things but we're currently two weeks behind schedule.

The team will monitor this over the coming weeks, and if required, additional resources will be engaged to assist. Please drive to the conditions and slow down around work crews.

If you come across an urgent road hazard, you can report this online or phone 5734 6200 (all hours).

You can also view the road grading schedule on our website to see when roads near you are due to be graded.

This page was last updated on 1 March 2022.