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Published Monday 20 January 2020
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Retailers caught out in tobacco inspections

Four Mitchell Shire businesses have received significant infringements to the tune of thousands of dollars each for non-compliance with the Tobacco Act 1987 after selling tobacco-based products to minors.

Environmental Health Officers are required by law to conduct audits of businesses across the municipality that sell tobacco-based products and paraphernalia.

There is zero tolerance approach for businesses selling to minors, with fines issued in the thousands of dollars.

If a person looks under the age of 25, Council strongly recommends businesses and employees check their identification and age.

Council takes health and wellbeing seriously, and regularly carries out audits across all businesses to ensure our residents are safe.

Outdoor dining areas and public spaces throughout Mitchell Shire are all smoke free in compliance with the Tobacco Amendment Act 2016.

In the state of Victoria, smoking is banned within ten metres of all recreational areas where children play. This includes:

  • Skate parks
  • Sporting venues and during sporting events
  • Play spaces
  • Indoor areas
  • Public swimming pools

As part of council’s Health and Wellbeing Profile 2017 – 2021, we are committed to reducing the rates of smoking, alcohol and sugary drink consumption, while increasing exercise levels and fruit and vegetables intakes.

The audit was undertaken in conjunction with the Municipal Association of Victoria.

“We take these matters seriously as we strive to support a healthy and engaged community. Smoking rates are high in our community, so, we need to continue to work together to reduce these rates.”
Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor David Lowe

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