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Published Thursday 1 August 2019
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Rate notices sent 2019

We’ve just issued rate notices for 2019/20 and they should be arriving in letterboxes and inboxes in early August.

Rates brochure

We've prepared a rates brochure which provides information about:

  • The 2019/20 budget and budget highlights for the coming year
  • Changes to free green waste and resource recovery centre vouchers
  • Where you can take your e-waste for free
  • The Fire Services Property Levy
  • Charges on your rates notices
  • Changes to Council's rating strategy for agricultural land

Waste vouchers

Due to changes from the State Government relating to the storage of combustible materials, we can no longer offer free green waste service on weekends in November.

Instead, we’ve added two extra vouchers. You now have five vouchers which you can use any time throughout the year, including green waste.

Your voucher is located at the bottom of your rates notice. It can be used for green waste, hard waste or general waste. The choice is yours.

Your barcode may be scanned up to five times in a single visit or you can choose to use it for multiple visits to our Resource Recovery Centres.

Each time you scan, you will redeem $30 in value.

You now have five vouchers which you can use any time throughout the year. The voucher can be used for green waste, hard waste or general waste. The choice is yours.

Agricultural land discounts

We recently reviewed and updated our rating strategy following community consultation earlier in the year.

The strategy sets different rating categories for different types of land use.

One of the notable changes was our approach to Agricultural Land.

We've made it easier for people to apply for the agricultural land discount.

Businesses no longer need to be registered as primary producers with the Australian Tax Office. They will still need to prove they are using the land for agricultural purposes, and that they have a prospect of making a profit.

This change will make it easier for primary producers to access discounted rates and make it quicker to process applications.

Agricultural land between 40-100 hectares will still receive a 10 per cent discount. Agricultural land that is larger than 100 hectares will still receive a 20 per cent discount. These discounts are based on the rate that is charged on general land.

If you believe you may qualify, please contact our Revenue Team on 03 5734 6200.

Early payments printing error

Have you made early payments?

If so a printing error may have resulted in the credit line being incorrectly repeated as an additional line in the Council Rates and charges section. This has resulted in an incorrect amount showing in your subtotal.

Please be assured that your early payments are acknowledged and are in our system. We are currently fixing this error and will need to re-issue some notices where necessary.

Instalment amounts and the total amount payable are correct.

In the meantime, if you want to check your balance or have any questions, please contact our rates team on 5734 6200.

Thanks for your patience and apologies to those who have been impacted by this.

This page was last updated on 21 May 2020.