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Published Thursday 10 November 2022
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Rain delaying mowing and slashing works

Due to excessive rain during the winter months and the recent flood event, many areas of Council managed land are inaccessible for mowing and slashing as the ground is still very wet.

Our mowing, slashing and roadside spraying programs are behind schedule, but our teams are working to catch up as the weather warms and areas dry.

This will take some time to work through and we appreciate the patience shown by the community during this time.

As part of our fire prevention program, we reduce fuel on approximately 1,500km of local roads and roadsides.

This includes roadside height and width clearance, weed spraying, woody weed removal, and roadside slashing and spraying.

We do this work throughout the year but most of our fire prevention roadside slashing occurs between November and January.

To view which roads are part of the program, visit our website .

If you are concerned about grass length or the fire risk on a road or private property, let us know via the Report It Tool.

Council also undertakes inspections of private properties across the Shire to ensure property owners have prepared for the fire season. These inspections will commence on Monday 28 November.

As the weather warms up and the grass grows, we encourage people to stay away from areas where snakes might be present.

Never touch or attempt to capture or hurt a snake – instead call the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Customer Service Centre on 136 186, who will provide you advice or put you in contact with your nearest licensed snake catcher.

The Department of Transport is responsible for fire prevention works on major roads under their management. Slashing works on these roads are scheduled between September and December.

Find out who manages which roads in our Shire on our website.

For further information regarding the Department of Transports works programs please call on 13 11 71

This page was last updated on 10 November 2022.