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Published Thursday 9 June 2022
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Residents gather on Parliament steps to tell politicians NO QUARRY

Toy trucks, a wheel barrow and banners occupied the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House on Wednesday as the communities of Beveridge and Wallan took their NO QUARRY campaign all the way to Spring Street.

Armed with petitions containing more than 1360 signatures, a banner filled with handprints to show solidarity and a wheelbarrow filled with rocks, more than 50 residents and Councillors stood on the steps of parliament to tell politicians they do not want the proposed quarry at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan.

Leader of the Reason Party Fiona Patten MP met with the group and accepted the petition which will be tabled in parliament.

Ms Patten said herself and her colleagues would raise the issue in parliament over coming weeks.

She said the NO QUARRY campaign was a great display of community action and bringing the community together.

Leader of the Victorian Greens Samantha Ratnam MP said she supported the campaign and there were opportunities for the State Government to rethink their decision.

Ms Ratnam congratulated the community group on the work they had to done to highlight and expose why this quarry needed to be “rethought urgently”.

Mitchell Shire Council shares its community’s concerns that this quarry will create congestion, noise, vibrations, impact the health and wellbeing of residents and will stifle the development of essential infrastructure for more than 30 years.

Residents are worried about the 120 extra trucks on their roads every day, the dust, noise, vibrations and the negative impact on their wellbeing. The proposed quarry will stifle the delivery of essential infrastructure for the next 30 years in parts of Victoria's fastest growing municipality.

Member for Yan Yean Danielle Green MP accepted 700 postcards to Minister Wynne that highlight the concerns of residents.

Ms Green agreed to meet with community members in Wallan to hear their concerns at a future date.

The community was also greeted by Member for Northern Victoria Wendy Lovell and Member for Northern Metropolitan Region Craig Ondarchie.

Council has twice rejected a planning permit for the proposed quarry at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan.

The proposed quarry is within a designated State Government urban growth boundary.

Despite a 2019 submission from Victoria’s own state planners, the Victorian Planning Authority, opposing this quarry, a planning panel recommended it be included in the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne called in the quarry permit from VCAT so it could be heard alongside the Beveridge Northwest Precinct Structure Plan.

The matters are currently before a Ministerial Advisory Committee who will make a recommendation to the Minister Wynne.

If approved, this quarry will impact the lives of thousands of people for the next 30 years with no net community gain.

This final decision rests with Minister Wynne.

If this quarry goes ahead it will have disastrous effects from an economic, social and environmental point of view. There is no upside to this.
Cr Rob Eldridge

Quotes attributable to Mitchell Shire Spokesperson Cr Rob Eldridge

We’re working closely with the community to ensure the people most affected by this quarry can have their voices heard.

Thank you to everyone who braved a cold winter’s day to support the NO QUARRY campaign on the steps of parliament.

Council is not anti-quarry. This is about a quarry in the wrong spot.

We have a master-planned community for two huge new suburbs in Beveridge and Wallan that will be home to 160,000. And in the middle will be a quarry.

As a local government, we are tasked to represent and support both current and future generations of residents who will live in our municipality; their concerns and interests regarding this proposed quarry deserve an appropriate level of respect and consideration.

This quarry will be in existence for at least 30 years, dividing this community for generations. The quarry, and its buffers, will stifle development, prevent the construction of major roads, schools and sport fields, and ultimately bring little benefit to the local community.

Quotes attributable to NO QUARRY Community Working Group Spokesperson Skye Forster

Our local members are elected to act in the interest of the community. The people of Wallan and Beveridge are calling on the State Government to stand up for our community and stop this quarry now.

We’re already a mortgage belt and with the latest interest rate rise people are worried about their future. To add a quarry will be debilitating to our town from financial, societal and health impacts.

We thank Fiona Patten, Samantha Ratnam and Wendy Lovell for their support and for listening to the community’s concerns.

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