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Published Tuesday 27 April 2021
Tag:Public Notices

Public Notice - Setting of Allowances for Mayor and Councillors

Setting of Allowances for Mayor and Councillors

The Local Government Act 1989 regulates the allowance payable to Mayors and Councillors in Victoria and provides for minimum and maximum allowances payable as set by an Order in Council from time to time.

Councils must review and determine the level of the Councillor allowance and the Mayoral allowance within six months of the October 2020 general election or by 30 June 2021. Mitchell Shire Council is classified by the Victorian Government as a Category 2 Council.

Each Council has discretion within the allowable range to determine the allowances it will pay to its Mayor and Councillors, having regard to local circumstances and priorities.

The approved levels allow for a minimum payment of $10,914 and a maximum payment of $26,245 per annum for Councillors and an allowance of up to $81,204 per annum for the Mayor.

Submissions from the community are sought in respect to the Mayoral and Councillor allowance being set and fixed at $26,245 and $81,204 per annum, respectively, for the next four financial years.

In accordance with section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989, any person who has made a written submission to the Council and requested that he or she be heard in support of the written submission is entitled to appear in person or by a person acting on his or her behalf at the Community Questions and Hearings Committee meeting to be held at the Mitchell Shire Council, 113 High Street Broadford at 7pm on Tuesday 15 June 2021.

Any person may make a submission to this proposal. Submissions must be made in writing, addressed to Mitchell Shire Council, 113 High Street Broadford or go to to have your say. Submissions close Wednesday 19 May 2021. Please note that unless a submitter requests otherwise, the submission will be made available to the public as part of a Council agenda.

Should further information be required, please contact Council’s Manager Governance and Corporate Accountability, Lidia Harding on 5734 6200.

This page was last updated on 8 October 2021.