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Published Friday 20 December 2019
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Planning for new year at Tallarook Hall

Final modifications are being made to the planning and building permits for works on the rebuilding of the Tallarook Mechanics Institute Hall after it was destroyed by fire in 2018.

Council approved the permit in October with plans currently being finalised in accordance with the permit conditions to enable construction to start.

The modifications will be signed off before Christmas, providing the green light for the insurers to begin building in the new year. Early works at the site have included removal of the old hall, dismantling of the chimney, storage of ceramic stacks and creation of a building site.

The rebuilt hall will see a more flexible use of internal space, improved accessibility including toilets, a semi-commercial kitchen, 18 car parking spaces at the rear of the building and an updated septic system to meet modern building requirements.

Council has been working with the hall Committee of Management on the permit requirements, with the most recent meeting in early December. The latest approvals will mean the insurers can give the builders the green light to start work.

The hall will pay tribute to the original facade, with a more contemporary look and feel following community input.

The design pays tribute to the history of the hall, while incorporating a more flexible and accessible building and creating an iconic building.

The hall is owned by Mitchell Shire Council and operated by a Committee of Management. The hall will be rebuilt through Council’s insurance company who has engaged Bay Builders and Imparta Engineers for the project. Part of a $200,000 Victorian Government grant has been used to engage Zen Architects to develop design plans and principles for the hall.

Quotes attributable to Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor David Lowe

“It has been important to ensure that the rebuild of the hall will meet the needs of community now and into the future.

While there has been a lot of work behind the scenes and we have seen early works on the site, the community will be pleased that works will be in full swing in the new year.

“We’ve been working closely with the Committee of Management, the architects, the insurers, the builders and Council’s building, planning and public health teams to get to the point of building approval.

“This is an important step in the process for the insurers as they can now sign off the distribution of funds to the builders as a new hall takes shape.”

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