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Published Friday 18 November 2022
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Pedestrian refuges to be installed on Sydney Street in 2023

The installation of pedestrian refuges as part of the Sydney Street Rejuvenation Project has been delayed due to wet weather.

Three pedestrian refuges were scheduled to be installed as part of the night works currently being undertaken.

Unfortunately, the window available to do the night works has been reduced due to the wet weather.

This delay has resulted in a timing clash between the concrete laying for the pedestrian medians and needs of a road user who transports significant infrastructure items and needs the full width of the road.

As there is insufficient time to install the pedestrian medians before the full width of the road is needed by this transport user, the next available window for additional night works to install the pedestrian medians will be in February 2023.

The location for the first centre median that has already been excavated is being reinstated with asphalt paving to make it trafficable.

Night works to install new light poles will still proceed as planned over the next few weeks. Traffic management will be in place between Bourke and Union Street from 7pm to 5am each weeknight.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a time to discuss the works, you can contact the project team on 0490 455 794 or email

The project team will also be available for drop in discussion at the Kilmore Library every Tuesday 9am to 5pm and Thursday 12 to 5 pm, during the construction phase.

For more information about the project, visit the Sydney Street Rejuvenation Project Page.

Quotes from Mayor Fiona Stevens

We totally understand the frustration being felt by businesses and residents, and we feel it too. It’s disappointing the weather is having such a massive impact.

We know this is such an important project, and we want to do it right. Delaying some of the works means it can be done properly.

We’re very thankful for the patience being shown by those impacted by these works.

The end is in sight and once all done it will be something to admire and enjoy, particularly as the warmer weather approaches.

What we have to do now is keep working to get the trucks and heavy traffic off the main street.

We’re currently speaking to the people of Kilmore by holding public meetings and walking the streets to secure your support for the Kilmore bypass.

We can’t do this alone. We need the community voice to be strong and loud.

Contact us for information on how to get involved.

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