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Published Wednesday 13 October 2021
Tags:General, Environment

Online webinars to help you improve wastage

Mitchell Shire residents are invited to join experts from various fields to scrub up on their knowledge and help them along their waste journey.

You'll need to register for these events ahead of time - head to the events below to secure your spot.

Composting workshop for beginners

This interactive online workshop has been designed to give those new to composting, or looking to give it a second try, all the information you need to get started.

You'll also get plenty of tips and tricks for easier composting.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 19 October from 1pm to 2.30pm.

No waste cooking webinar: Frittatas

Join us for an interactive online cooking class, where you will learn to cook the frittata by just using leftovers in your fridge, as well as learning essential food waste reducing recipes and tips.

The workshop will be held on Thursday 21 October at 7pm.

No waste cooking webinar: Quick Pickles

Join us to learn to cook the pickles by just using leftovers in your fridge.

We'll also share some helpful tips and tricks for reducing food waste and how to keep your food fresher for longer with food storage and planning advice.

The workshop will be held on Saturday 23 October at 11am.

Rethink Recycling: tour and trivia

A free online Recycling Tour and Trivia Night with Banyule City Council’s Rethink Waste Education Centre.

During the virtual session you can learn the dos, the don'ts, the hows and the whys of recycling.

The workshop will be held on Tuesday 9 November at 7pm.

Event details and registrations

There are no events planned for now

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