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Published Tuesday 15 November 2022
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New Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected for Mitchell Shire

Mitchell Shire Council is under new leadership after Councillor Fiona Stevens was elected Mayor, alongside Deputy Mayor Cr Louise Bannister on Monday 14 November.

It’s the first time in Mitchell Shire’s history that women have been elected as both Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Cr Bill Chisholm did not seek re-election after serving one term as Mitchell Shire Mayor.

Councillor Stevens is married and has two adult daughters and five grandchildren.

She brings to Council extensive knowledge of the Mitchell area, having grown up and been educated in Broadford.

When she returned to the region to work and live in Seymour in 1981, she involved herself in many community organisations.

With an extensive background as a sworn member of Victoria Police, she retired in 2013 from the Seymour Police Station after 36 years.

Cr Stevens enjoys identifying issues and researching to find solutions.

She is keen to find a fair and appropriate outcome to community concerns and is passionate to see whole of Mitchell Shire progress.

Councillor Bannister grew up on a farm near Seymour and has lived in Mitchell Shire for almost seven years with her partner Patrick and son Hamish.

She graduated from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Media and Communications and has a Master of Applied Linguistics.

Cr Bannister values research and evidence-based approaches. She is keen to work with the community to advocate for much needed infrastructure and services in Mitchell Shire.

During her term, Cr Bannister wants to maximise communication between Mitchell Shire Council and the community.

She believes that working closely with the community will be the key to making Mitchell Shire the best place to live in Victoria.

Quotes from 2021/22 Mayor Bill Chisholm

It has been a real privilege and honour to serve as Mitchell Shire Mayor during the previous twelve months.

This is a very special night for all concerned, as this election tonight highlights the final term of this current Council. And what a brilliant Council it has been so far.

There have been some extremely challenging times and I'm proud of how Council has worked with the community to get through them.

I would like to thank my fellow Councillors, all members of staff and all the truly amazing members of our community.

I would particularly like to thank Council staff and everyone who volunteered their time during the flood emergency. They deserve a lot of praise for their efforts.

Quotes from Mayor Fiona Stevens

I would like to congratulate Cr Bill Chisholm on his term as Mitchell Shire Mayor in 2021-2022.

I am honoured to be able to serve the Mitchell Shire community as Mayor for the next 12 months.

I’m delighted to have Louise as the Deputy Mayor. We bring different skills, experiences and perspectives and I believe this will be a great combination. I look forward to working closely with her throughout the next year.

Growth is continuing in our Shire and it presents a significant challenge for Council.

We need to balance the needs our existing community while planning for the needs of our future population.

I am looking forward to working with the community and my fellow Councillors to work towards our shared goals.

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