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Published Friday 18 January 2019
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Mitchell Shire maintains high immunity

Mitchell Shire has reached ‘herd immunity’ with a 98.04 per cent immunisation by the time a child is five years old across the municipality, protecting the most vulnerable through our communities.

State standards require regions to reach 95 per cent immunisation to obtain herd immunity. This will help avoid putting children or the elderly at risk. Mitchell Shire is proudly one of the state's best performers for immunisation.

In a boost to protecting the entire community, Mitchell Shire offers a free childhood immunisation service to all those who live in our municipality. The service offers catch-up programs and will help transfer all the records to the Australian Immunisation Register for children from overseas.

Mitchell Shire immunisation nurses also give vaccines at all secondary schools within the shire.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor Bill Chisholm commended the entire community for reaching the herd immunity milestone.

“Our health services in the Mitchell Shire are doing a brilliant job of working with residents to get the best results for everyone who lives in the municipality. It is tremendous we have reached herd immunity, it is a brilliant, cooperative effort,” he said.

“While we are doing a great job, we need to make sure we continue to vaccinate and keep up to date with the latest information. This is the best way we can continue to protect the most vulnerable people in our shire.

“Well done to the community and our immunisation nurses for tremendous work.”

vaccines are unsafeall vaccines in Australia must pass stringent safety testing before being approved with approval processes which can take up to 10 years.
vaccines contain egg proteins.majority of influenza vaccines in use in Australia have only trace amounts of ovalbumin (less than 1 microgram) per dose and can be safely given to most people with an egg allergy.
vaccines cause or worsen asthma and allergies.many studies have examined this and it is clear that this is NOT the case. It is especially important that children with asthma be given all recommended vaccines, as catching a disease can worsen asthma.
diseases are virtually eliminated so vaccination is not is important to keep vaccination rates high as possible to protect vulnerable people with medical problems that cannot be vaccinated. Although many vaccine-preventable diseases are rarely seen in Australia, today, they are still common in many other countries around the world.

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