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Published Friday 8 October 2021
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Lush new look for Anzac Avenue

Pictured above: Some of the newly planted English Oak trees along Anzac Avenue in Seymour. Photo: Kerry Ferrari.

Residents and visitors will soon be able to enjoy a stroll along Seymour’s Anzac Avenue under a lush green canopy with the planting of 28 English Oak trees last week.

At 2.5 metres tall and in full leaf, the new oaks have already made an impact on the streetscape of Anzac Avenue.

The new oaks will help recreate the avenue of trees along Anzac Avenue that was first planted in 1917 in memory of the soldiers who had enlisted for service. To acknowledge and thank the many young men who had volunteered to fight for their country, the people of Seymour planted 114 oak trees along Anzac Avenue on 21 July 1917.

Of the healthy Crepe Myrtles that were removed to make way for the oak trees, 11 were transplanted in Howard Place Reserve to help screen the boundary fence. Further planting and mulching works are planned for the reserve.

Another 3 Crepe Myrtles were planted near the carpark in Kings Park.

This project was part-funded through a $10,000 grant from the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project initiative.

James Hall from The Seymour We Want community group, spearheaded the campaign to secure the grant for the 28 English Oak trees to help improve the landscape on Anzac Avenue.

Comments from Mayor Cr Rhonda Sanderson

"“These works are part of the Mitchell Shire Council 2021 planting season which has seen almost 1600 street trees planted throughout the shire, including more than 450 trees in Seymour," she said.

‘‘One of Mitchell Shire’s main attractions is our rural landscapes and trees are an important part of our region’s character.

“We have planted new trees across the shire and will continue to work alongside developers and contractors to ensure we maintain a healthy network of trees."

“We look forward to the current plantings continuing to enhance our towns.”

Comments from James Hall, from The Seymour We Want

“Growing up in Seymour, it’s great to see this avenue recreated as the memorial it was originally intended for.

“It will also create much needed street canopy for one of our main thoroughfares."

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