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Published Tuesday 15 September 2020

Local Makers of Mitchell

There are a few things that make Mitchell the perfect weekend getaway. The green hills and sunny meadows that take all the stress off your shoulders, the quaint cafes that allow you to recharge for hours with endless coffees and vanilla slices, and the fresh country air that takes your breath away. One of the other things that truly adds flavour to Mitchell are the local businesses around the shire. From organic orchards and wineries to boutique nurseries, here is a list of some of the unique local businesses in Mitchell Shire.

McIvor Farm Foods

A family-run farm in the town of Tooborac, Victoria, McIvor Farm Foods is a pig farm producing free-range, ethically grown Berkshire pork with pigs running about freely on green pastures, farmers tilling and turning soil to create rich pastures for grazing and occasionally, a rainbow that crosses over their farm. Be sure to check their socials for their next Farm Gate Open Day to pick up some delicious pork from the best food producers in the area. The McIvor Farm Foods website is full of inspiring recipes and stories of their life on their farm.

Tooborac Brewery

A brewery as old as Mitchell itself, the little hotel first started off as a local pub where you could pull up a bar stool and enjoy a few drinks with the locals. Growing over time and keeping themselves relevant, the Tooborac brewery started crafting their own beers in 2009 and became one of the most well-known food businesses around the area. Their own range of brews might be small but in no way are the flavours limited. Indulge in a Chilli Chocolate Stout or a Maple Cream brown ale with a side of a double-decker chicken parma. They have a lovely fireplace for the wintery nights and a lush beer garden when the end-of-year sun starts filtering in. Check out the Tooborac Hotel and Brewery website to learn more about them.

The Guitar Room

Not just for buying ye olde guitar, but for building one from scratch from Australian wood! While The Guitar Room’s heritage is best uncovered over a coffee chat with the owner Rod McCracken, the story starts from a quaint horse stable in country Victoria and has now spread its wings to guitar building workshops in France, Italy and Japan. Check out the Guitar Room website, or head over to their boutique in Kilmore to learn what goes behind the scenes before a guitar makes its debut.

Wine X Sam

Located right in the middle of Seymour, Wine by Sam was started by a husband-wife duo in 2012. They have been making wines in the region for more than 25 years. While a relatively young winery in the Strathbogie Ranges, the wines made by Sam Plunkett and his wife Bronwyn are nothing short of award-winning. Mixing up the romance of creating wine the old-fashioned way with new technology and gadgets, the wines here taste out of the world while harnessing all the region’s beauty. Visit their cellar door for luscious pairings of wine and local cheese, or visit the Wine X Sam website.

Blue Tongue Berries

Blue Tongue Berries is a 20-acre organic blueberry farm and seasonal cafe located just out of Seymour. Fresh blueberries are available typically late November to February. Enjoy the berry creations in the seasonal Cantina, whilst you look out over the gorgeous property, Tallarook Ranges and Goulburn River. Blue Tongue Berries, accommodation offering was also noted in The Age, Traveller Magazine, as one of Victoria's best weekend getaways for 2020. "Blue Tongue is a cosy retreat in which to relax and a great base for exploring the hidden gem that is Seymour." Visit the Blue Tongue Berries website to learn more about what they have to offer.

Discover Mitchell

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