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Published Monday 4 March 2019
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Kilmore pool returns to the public

Kilmore Leisure Centre pool has officially re-opened with a brand-new roof, partial upgrades to the concrete floor around the pool, new changeroom floor surfacing, new and improved security lights and a new lease on life.

Mitchell Shire Council opened the doors to the pool area on Monday 4 March for the first time since last year, returning the community facility to patrons for a range of aquatic activities.

Mitchell Shire Mayor Councillor Bill Chisholm thanked the community for their patience.

“At the Mitchell Shire we are very excited to see the works on the Kilmore Leisure Centre pool finally finished and I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved in the process,” he said.

“The closures were inconvenient to our community, but I would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time.

“This facility now has a new lease on life, and I cannot wait to see the many patrons back in the water. I would like to acknowledge the builders for their exceptional work on this project. They have gone above and beyond and for helping return this facility to the community so quickly.”

The pool was closed in August 2018.

Preparations to replace the roof began in September with off-site works to make the steel and fittings for the new roof.

The builders came on site in early December when works to remove the old, waterlogged roof kicked off. A crane arrived on site and, while combating the weather, the crew worked around the clock to remove the old roof.

The construction of the new roof began and finished in January. Once the new roof was in place, inside works began.

Vinyl on the changeroom floors were replaced, concrete works to improve the facility and safety were completed and the pool was recommissioned in February.

We will hold two thank-you events for the public at Kilmore Leisure Centre on 10 April and Seymour Sports and Aquatic Centre on 12 April. More details to come.

A roof beam is removed.
A roof beam is removed at the Kilmore Leisure Centre.
Kilmore Leisure Centre outside
The new roof in place.

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