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Published Tuesday 24 September 2019
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Kickstart your business

Kick start your new business or business idea at our upcoming Startup Getup events.

We're hosting two events:

  • Kilmore: Wednesday 23 October, Kilmore Trackside, 6-8pm
  • Seymour: Thursday 24 October, Wine x Sam, 6-8pm

The events will give you a chance to network with startups, entrepreneurs and other business owners. See what others have done, how they developed their business idea, and learn about what support is available to get you started and help your big idea become a reality.

The events will be facilitated by Peter Dostis, founder and CEO of Runway HQ, who will run a panel featuring founders of successful startups.

You'll hear from:

  • Wes Ward, Trusted Food Group
  • Brandon Burns
  • Liam McFadded, Clann
  • Felicity Dunn, eQIPd (formerly Kinder Surveys)
  • Camilla Novotna, Ecokit
  • Daniel Pelliccia, Rubens Technologies

Learn more about our facilitator and some of the panellists below.

Peter Dostis, Runway HQ founder and CEO

Peter has over 15 years' business experience in senior management and executive roles as an intrapreneur and 15 years as an entrepreneur in 4 businesses he started.

Peter’s exposure to over 30 different organisations has given him a great depth of business operating experience across different industries.

Visit the Runway HQ website for more details.

Brandon Burns, entrepreneur

Having spent the better part of 15 years working in the digital, entertainment and tech space, Brandon has collaborated on projects across mediums such as online, marketing, sales, software development and mobile applications.

Brandon is a champion of the 'entrepreneurial spirit', having founded start-ups such as PanelHype, TeamUp Digital and Enterprise Monkey.

Brandon is currently Head of Community at Australia's fastest growing regional start-up accelerator, RunwayHQ, and works alongside regional start-ups to realise their potential and support them on their start-up journey.

Brandon is passionate about sharing his knowledge and learning from fellow entrepreneurs.

Wes Ward, Trusted Food Group - Kilmore event only

Wes Ward is the fourth generation of the Ward family farming unit that set its roots at Bulga Road, Swan Hill in 1893, which remains in operation to this day.

Wes is actively involved in the family wine business at Bulga Wine Estates, Swan Hill. He provides marketing, legal and finance advice and negotiates with winery customers, some of which are the largest manufacturers in Australia.

After university, Wes worked in Europe for Merryl Lynch before commencing in global perfumery at IFF in The Netherlands for two years.

Upon return, while working for Bulga Wine Estates in 2001, he started his own wine company - Koala Creek - selling wine to USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Australia. Koala Creek built its first export focussed website in 2002 and was one of the very first producers to release red wine under screwcap commercially in Australia.

Fascinated with learning and innovation, Wes commenced his digital marketing agency - Wadimedia - in 2007, which continues to operate today. With a speciality in marketing technology, branding and communication, Wes loves to create competitive advantages.

For the last four years, Wes has been focussed on emerging industry 4.0 technologies.

His mission is to radically transform the wine industry for the better and continue the family tradition of success, integrity and innovation for another 125 years.

Trusted Food Group (TFG) was founded to protect the integrity of Australia's leading luxury wine products.

TFG’s Trusted Wine Technology platform provides 100% certainty to imported wine buyers that they get exactly what they pay for 100% of the time.

Global food fraud’s estimated annual cost is $40 - $50 Billion. Copycats, fake wine brands and substituted wine is estimated to be as high as 70% in China’s imported wine category.

TFG’s proof-of-provenance technology was inspired by the experiences of its founder and CEO, Wes Ward, when selling his own wines globally and producing wine grapes locally at his family vineyard.

The unique and novel wine label and hardware devices prototyped by TFG in 2018 were developed with Angus Fitzpatrick [BEng (mech), BSci (CompSci), MSc(Eng)], a fellow winemaker and high-end wine retail professional.

Leveraging blockchain technology, ecommerce integrated, mobile first software strategy with bespoke hardware, TFG has the confidence, expertise and wine industry knowledge to deliver its first-generation commercial product suite.

Research into biotechnology solutions to trace compounds inside the wine has been in process over the last two years and will leverage artificial intelligence applications in the future.

TFG’s goal is to be the SSL security certificate of the wine world. Its approach is to be the authenticated pathway through the Silk Road Initiative and its mission is to help Australia’s luxury wine producers to sell more at higher margins.

Visit the Trusted Food Group website.

Liam McFadden, Clann

Liam learned how to grow a small company into a $300 million+ company during his 12-year career with Serco Asia Pacific.

He began as a group finance manager and finished as a project director on large scale competitive bids and tenders both nationally and internationally.

Since 2002 he has been a strategic business consultant working to get client projects approved and funded and helping clients grow through competitive tendering.

In June 2017 Liam and his partner Amanda founded Clann, one of the Geelong Runway Pioneers.

Two years later, Clann has become the ambassador and platform for 'Life Be In It' FamilyCare.

In his own words:

"A big problem in modern life is that 'it takes a village'... but there are no villages. Clann supports communities by empowering families to provide quality ‘Life. Be in it’ FamilyCare for their children and elderly and people with disability so they can be more active and live more of their lives. We are developing new small business, training and employment opportunities putting people before profit, while re-villaging our society."

Visit the Clann website.

Felicity Dunn, eQIPd (formerly Kinder Surveys)

Felicity started eQIPd (formerly known as Kinder Surveys) to help education and care providers monitor and improve the quality of their service for the benefit of the 1.3 million Australian children and their families who access long day care, preschool and outside school hours care.

Her startup has helped hundreds of centres across Australia with their quality improvement journeys; her clients are more likely to be rated as Exceeding the National Standards compared with other education and care services.

Prior to embarking eQIPd, she worked in State Government specialising in education regulatory policy.

It wasn’t until she become a mother, and then president of a community-managed kindergarten in Melbourne that her passion for the early childhood sector developed – plenty of reading on the newer findings in neuroscience have cemented that passion, as it is clear that getting the early years right will have lifelong benefits for individuals and their communities.

Felicity volunteers as Chair of Playgroup Victoria and enjoys living in Ballarat with her husband and children.

Visit the eQIPd website.

Camilla Novotna, Ecokit

Camilla was curious and had an interest in exploring and researching since her childhood.

Her passion for upcoming technologies led her to a decision to study Information Technologies.

Her first job - in a production department of an international automotive company - started her professional career. Her passion for innovation and technologies such as lean manufacturing, prefabrication and advanced manufacturing begun here.

Her natural desire to deepen her knowledge led her to extensive travels and allowed her to discover various experience in many countries, mainly during her 8 year long stay in New Zealand.

As a result she identified an opportunity in the IT field and founded her first company. This saw her gaining further professional and business skills.

Her enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually few years later - and so Ecokit was born.

Visit the Ecokit website.

Daniel Pelliccia, Rubens Technologies

Daniel (Daniele) Pelliccia started his career as a physicist, developing imaging and sensing models for large scale facilities such as particle accelerators and synchrotrons in Europe, USA and Australia.

He has been awarded an Early Career research award by the Australian Government in 2014.

In 2015 Daniel decided to pursue consulting and R&D activity as an entrepreneur.

Daniel currently runs Instruments and Data Tools working at the interface of sensors and mobile data acquisitions and he is the founder and CEO of Rubens Technologies, the intelligence system for the fresh fruit supply chain.

With a unique combination of sensors and analytics, Rubens Technologies ensures fruit is picked at its best, and monitors its optimal state along its journey to the consumer.

Rubens will increase industry profitability by boosting product quality and consistency, and by ensuring its traceability along the value chain.

Visit the Rubens Technologies website.

There are no events planned for now

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